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Innovative Powder Coating powder coated many parts and accessories seen on Lil John Fire Rescue 343!
American Rescue Party 343 Inc., A Not For Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, contracted Innovative Powder Coating to perform all their powder coating needs.

Working with organizations like American Rescue Party 343 is both gratifying and rewarding! They goal is to raise awareness, teach safety, and create those priceless smiles throughout our community, all in the name of our FALLEN HEROES. American Rescue Party 343 is a volunteer staff and dedicates their time and efforts to this "one of a kind" show. From the stadium of a screaming crowd to the fire staion of a private show, Lil John is the talk of the town!

American rescue Party 343, Inc. can be reached through their website: www.wheeliemagic.com

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